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When I was a kid… I loved "live" albums. It was fun to hear the difference between a studio version and a live version of a familiar song. I'd usually pretend that I was performing with the band as I listened. One night I'd pretend to be the piano player the next night I might be the drummer. I imagined we traveled and every show was in another town performing to a new crowd.

I hope you get lost in this music and that it finds a warm happy place in your heart. I'm so happy when I perform with the Suitcase Musicians. They are my friends… my musical family. They are fun to travel with and they make me laugh. A lot!

So, we kick off the show with the tune Million Smiles To Go. We play it a bit faster than the album version but the track explodes with the carnival rock sound as Fred "Toots" McNaughton blasts out notes on his trumpet and Judy "Toe Jam" Lehman swings on the trombone.

Everyone is having a blast as we roll into Great Day To Be Alive. Kelly "Mumbles" Good pumps out the chords on piano while she sings along too. She sings and plays so sweet on Walk In Love.

Before long we're jumping and jamming to 42 Monkeys and Mark "Levis" DeRose gets funky on the electric bass. Ooh, ah…ooh ooh ah!

Big Old Jeb, Strange Old Cat and Happy Go Lucky Shoes lets the crowd sing-a-long and swing a bit as well. I love to hear Doug "Fernadez" Walton wail on the electric guitar at the end of Big Old Jeb.

Bag of Dreams is my song for you. I hope you dream a dream or two…every now and then a dream comes true. So many of mine did. : )

By the time we get to the Dance Party it looks like everyone in the crowd is saying yes to my question… Will You Be My Friend? I totally love how the band explodes into a major jam after the call and response vocal section. I shout out.. "Come on let's rock and roll!" and Fred echoes "Come on let's rock and roll!" and the next thing you know, we're a little rocking band…everyones jumping up and down, the horns are blaring, I'm banging on my drums as we all celebrate love and family.

That's what this music and the Suitcase Musicians are all about… it's all about the love.

Well, I hope you love this "live" album as much as I loved live albums when I was a kid.

Love be with you…'til we meet again.



Walk with me for a while down the street
Say hello, hello!
Hello to the people that you meet
Make a new memory today whoa oh!
We've got a million smiles to go

Here we go!

Run with me on the beach through the sand
Swimming in the waves don't be afraid hold my hand
Make a new memory today whoa oh!
We've got a million smiles to go

Let's roll!

Fly with me through the clouds on a plane
Ride with me along the rails on this train

Soaring free as the wind through the sky
We'll paint the clouds with love and laughter as we fly
Make a new memory today whoa oh!
We've got a million smiles to go
Sing it with us!
We've got a million smiles to go
One more time
A million smiles to go
Let's roll!


from Steven Courtney + the Suitcase Musicians- LIVE & in Concert!, released April 11, 2013
Steven Courtney- drums,harmonica, lead vocals
Doug "Fernadez" Walton- electric guitar,backing vocals
Kelly "Mumbles" Good- piano, backing vocals
Fred "Toots" McNaughton- trumpet, backing vocals
Judy "Toe Jam" Lehman- trombone
Mark "Levis" DeRose- bass



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Steven Courtney + the Suitcase Musicians Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Steven Courtney + the Suitcase Musicians are finding new audiences everyday.
* 2011 Parents Choice Award winner- “Million Smiles To Go” album
* Seven time winner of the Children’s Music Web Award
* Winner of the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters Award – Best Original Television Series for Children

For more info visit: www.stevencourtney.com
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